My Web Log
One man's viewpoint on politics, culture, society, war, peace, economics, art, music--from a left perspective. Readers may leave comments.
My Music
I have been making music in one form or another for over 50 years. At one time, I was a professional classical guitarist. A tremor in my hands keeps me from performing now, but I compose and arrange music. There is a link to purchase my CD, At The Swinging Guitar Inn, At The Edge Of Cool Blue, a collection of instrumental music.
My Art & Photo Gallery
This is my art and photo gallery. I create art with Paint Shop Pro, Xara, Corel Painter, and CorelDRAW. But I also have been drawing with pencil and charcoal. I also take photos and sometimes use them for models. This is a hobby that I did not take up until I was in my 60s. I hope you enjoy.
Window To My World
This is my old site. I have not kept it up for four or five years, and a few of the links are broken. But I just loved the design and may redo it later on.